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Zero Downtime Upgrades

VMware Tanzu Labs

You will demonstrate how to achieve zero downtime upgrades of your pal-tracker application running on Tanzu Application Service.

Learning outcomes

After completing the lab, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate zero downtime upgrades on Tanzu Application Service.

Getting started

Check out the Blue/Green slides.


  1. You must have completed (or fast-forwarded to) the Scaling lab. You must have your pal-tracker application associated with the scaling-availability-solution codebase deployed and running on Tanzu Application Service.

  2. In a terminal window, make sure you start in the ~/workspace/pal-tracker directory.

  3. Cherry-pick the start point of this lab:

    git cherry-pick rolling-upgrade-solution


In this lab you will exercise your pal-tracker application under load.

You can monitor the pal-tracker application through the following:

  • Command Line via the following cf commands:

    • cf app pal-tracker
    • cf events pal-tracker
  • Apps Manager user interface.

If you will monitor via command line you will need a minimum of four terminal windows open.

If you choose to monitor with Apps Manager you will need only one.

Perform a zero downtime upgrade

What if you need to perform a zero downtime upgrade? How would you do that?

  1. If you have not already, stage and commit your changes from this lab locally.

  2. Pull in a script which will demonstrate a rolling upgrade:

    git cherry-pick rolling-upgrade-solution

    You can view the script here:

    git show rolling-upgrade-solution:scripts/
  3. Run a local build to compile, test and regenerate the pal-tracker.jar file:

    ./gradlew clean build

  4. Run the script from the pal-tracker project directory, and make sure to supply the ${DOMAIN} and ${UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER} parameters you used in the Deployment Pipelines lab when specifying the route in your manifest.yml file:

    ./scripts/ ${UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER} ${DOMAIN}

  5. Follow the directions the script gives you to step through the process of a zero downtime upgrade.


Perform a rolling update with the cf cli v7 client

Read about how you can use a newer cf command line client to perform a rolling update:

Rolling App Deployments