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VMware Tanzu Labs

This lab introduces the concepts around logging.

Learning outcomes

After completing the lab, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Tanzu Application Service helps with logging of cloud native applications

Get started

  1. Review the Logs slides.

  2. You must have completed (or fast-forwarded to) the Health Monitoring lab. You must have your pal-tracker application associated with the actuator-solution codebase deployed and running on Tanzu Application Service.

  3. In a terminal window, make sure you start in the ~/workspace/pal-tracker directory.

There are no code changes for this lab. It is discussion and demo only.


Logs are a crucial part of monitoring and observability in a modern cloud native application.

Tanzu Application Service (TAS) has rich support for handling logs in the following ways:

Log aggregation

Tanzu Application Service has a rich log aggregation subsystem that supports cloud native applications writing to log streams.

  1. The Diego subsystem takes care of capturing your application instance log streams and putting them into a single log stream for the application.

  2. The Loggregator subsystem manages the aggregation of the log stream, including:

    • Application instance logs
    • Diego Cell events
    • Go Router access logs
    • Cloud controller events
  3. Loggregator is also used to stream Tanzu Application Service system metrics. You can read more about the architecture.

Agnostic to downstream monitoring collection tools

Tanzu Application Service does not perform the roles of log collection or analytics tools. It supports the ability to configure “drains” to output to a log collection or analytics tool of your choice, such as Splunk or Fluentd.

You can read more about the Tanzu Application Service Loggregator Architecture.

Wrap up

Review the Logs slides about how logging is handled on Tanzu Application Service.

Now that you have completed the lab, you should be able to:

  • Explain how Tanzu Application Service help with logging of cloud native applications