An Introduction to VMware Marketplace

Neeharika Palaka

For developers, VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop to discover, try, purchase, and deploy VMware validated and certified ecosystem directly to VMware endpoints. From the Marketplace, developers have the convenience and flexibility to directly deploy solutions to VMware environments such as VMware Tanzu or VMware Cloud.

With over 2,000 solutions from hundreds of partners, there are solutions to fit everyone’s needs – whether you are a software developer, DevOps manager, cloud administrator, or anything in between. VMware Marketplace also meets enterprise needs from which you can purchase solutions in one, unified location.

Why Should I Utilize VMware Marketplace?

As companies move toward developing more Agile and modern software applications, the use of containers and micro-services has dramatically increased. To comply with corporate governance policies, it becomes imperative for these companies to find and utilize ecosystem solutions that are also validated to work, often across a variety of environments.

VMware Marketplace solves these issues by providing an extensive and easily filterable catalog of compatible ecosystem solutions. Moreover, many of the solutions on the Marketplace include assets that can be used with or without a license, depending on the type of solution. These asset-based solutions are validated or certified for use on the underlying platform, and can be up and running on your environment in just a few minutes.

Who Uses VMware Marketplace?

If you are a developer, you can utilize hundreds of free Helm charts, container solutions, machine images and more to build and quickly improve microservices on the Marketplace. These free solutions are published by Bitnami and other VMware entities. Moreover, you can use our catalog to discover and apply new cloud-native tools into your software development processes. To find out more about Bitnami, read the guide here.

If you are a DevOps manager, the Marketplace enables you and your team to quickly purchase, configure, and operate open source and third-party solutions compatible with your VMware environments. Also, the validation and certification details in the catalog let you swiftly define which services can and cannot be used by your developers, leading to a faster and smoother app development process.

If you are a cloud administrator or other type of administrator for your company’s Information Technology services, the Marketplace’s easy connectivity to VMware environments enables you to swiftly purchase, adopt, and maintain managed cloud services, ensure data availability, migrate applications, modernize applications and much more.

For quick demos on how to deploy solutions directly to various VMware environments, be sure to check out our Resources.

How to Find Solutions on the Marketplace

If you know what you’re looking for, use the keyword-based search to navigate to a solution.

Otherwise, utilize the side navigation filters on VMware Marketplace to sort through Publisher, Content Type (containers, machine images, and more), Platform Type, Pricing, and Validated/Certified solutions (Partner Ready, VMware Ready) to find solutions.

Further Reading

To start browsing, purchasing, or deploying solutions, sign in to VMware Marketplace and click Create a Marketplace Account. For additional information, refer to Resources or read our FAQ.

For more information about purchasing solutions on the Marketplace, read this announcement. For the latest, up-to-date information on VMware Marketplace content, keep following Tanzu Developer Center or our YouTube and Twitter.

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