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Development Environment for .NET Core

This recipe describes what is needed to prepare a development environment for working with .NET Core. Thankfully, there is very little work required to getting a development environment working.

Installing the .NET Core SDK

To install the .NET Core SDK, follow the instructions at the Official Microsoft Site.

Installing Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code by following the instructions at the Official Visual Studio Code Site.

Install the C# Extension

Ensure that you’ve been able to install the C# plugin for Visual Studio from the Marketplace. If your workstation is prevented from using the marketplace, then consult a team leader for information on how to obtain a copy of the extension internally.

Verify your Environment

To verify your environment, make sure that you can do the following:

  • cd to a new, empty directory
  • Issue a dotnet new command
  • Issue a dotnet restore command
  • Type dotnet run, and ensure that you see the “Hello world” output from a properly executed console application.
  • cd to the root of one of your drives and type dotnet --version, ensure that you have the right version of the SDK and that you don’t have any errors.