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Redis for On-Prem applications

How to connect redis during On-Premises installation or when the redis host is remote, using Steeltoe?

  • In Program.cs, add some code as below to distinguish between cloud vs on-premises installation
var hostingLocation = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("HOSTING_LOCATION");
Console.Out.WriteLine($"HostilgLocation: {hostingLocation}");
hostingLocation = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(hostingLocation) ? string.Empty : $".{hostingLocation}";
    .AddJsonFile($"appsettings{hostingLocation}.json", optional: false, reloadOnChange: false)
  • Then add an additional json file, appsettings.on-premises.json. In this case, I used “on-premises” as the distinguisher

  • For Steeltoe to pick your redis connection string, please add the below section in the on-premises appsettings.json file and modify the host, port and password accordingly

"redis": {
	"client": {
		"host": "localhost", 
      	"port": "6379",
      	"password": ""
  • You can also make use of environment variable to set these values as below

Given this connection string in your configuration, services.AddRedisConnectionMultiplexer(configuration) and services.AddRedisDistributedCache(configuration), which are Steeltoe extensions, will take care of connecting to the remote redis

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