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This Week in Spring - October 18th, 2022

Josh Long October 18, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! How?re you doin?? I?m doin? alright! Last week I was in Antwerp, Belgium, for the amazing Devoxx BE show. I did a presentation with my friend and hero James Ward on Spring and Kotlin (that was voted third most-liked talk at a show with more than 250 speakers!) That was a personal career highlight for me - it?s not often you get to win and have fun in life. And, as if that wasn?t awesome enough, this week I am in Las Vegas, NV, for JavaOne! Fingers crossed, this week will go smoothly, too! Both Devoxx and JavaOne are the first such shows since at least before the pandemic. It?s been a very long time in coming and I?m elated, overjoyed, to be able to be here.

And, of course, I?m super excited about SpringOne 2022! Also, the first in-person show of its kind since before the pandemic! It?s going to be amazing. Have you registered? If not, you might consider using this registration code - S1VM22_Advocate_200.

And this week?s busy roundup reflects the usual flurry of activity on the Spring team as we ready releases for our end-of-November timelines for Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3, which means we?ve got a ton of stuff to get into this week, so let?s!