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This Week in Spring - January 9th, 2023

Josh Long January 10, 2023

Hi, Spring fans! As I write this I?m on a plane winging my way to Helsinki, Finland. A new year and new journeys begin. It?s going to be cold there. Wish me luck! Do you know what always warms me up? The thrill of learning. And this week?s no different. This week we?ve got some good stuff line up so let?s get right into it!

I?m starting to put out easy-to-remember visual cards introducing a blink-and-you-?ll-miss-it aspect of awesomeness in the Spring ecosystem as part of my ?Spring Tips? (@springtipslive) series. So now you?ll be notified of not only new videos but might get some useful information directly in the tweets themselves, too.