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This Week in Spring - Jan 3rd, 2023

Josh Long January 3, 2023

Hi, Spring fans! Happy new year! It?s 2023 already! Who saw that comin?? I sure didn?t. This year promises to be more amazing than ever, and I can?t wait to be a part of it.

As usual, the first week of January is when we mark the date of the first installment of this humble roundup, This Week in Spring, waaaay back in the first week of January 2011! 12 years of This Week in Spring! Now that?s consistency!

And it?s only possible because of you, dear community. Thank you. You, who have been consistently excellent every week of the year for years and years, are truly the reason for the season, and we appreciate you. This week is no exception! There?s a ton of great content, so let?s kick the year off right!