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This Week in Spring - August 16th, 2022

Josh Long August 16, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another wonder-filled installment of This Week in Spring! It?s been a week! Sometimes I can scarcely believe it myself. And can you believe it?s August 16th already?? My daughter?s starting school this week! We?re in the northern hemisphere, and Summer break is already over and done with for her. There?s still another month and some change of summer, officially, though. So, I hope you all are doing whatever you can to maximize your enjoyment of it before the darker and colder months arrive.

Twitter helps me pass the time. I?ve been working on some code and wanted to use Twitter?s OAuth 2 and PKCE support in the application but couldn?t quite make it work. So I pinged my pal (everybody?s pal, really!) and Spring Security lead Rob Winch (@rob_winch) for some clues, and he did me one better: he put together a sample that demonstrates it all in action! Thanks, Rob! I love Spring Security and a huge reason is because of the amazing and helpful and indulgent team behind it. And I love Twitter (most of the time, anyway).

It?s been a busy week on Twitter for me! On it, I asked what people are using for their observability stacks on Kubernetes, figured out that for my 25+ years in writing software, I don?t know anything, and so much more! And here, you silly reader you, you?ve probably been happy being all productive in your off-Twitter life, haven?t ya? Well, let me tell you: you?re missing out!

Or, and I can?t stress this enough, you?re probably not. That?s probably true, too. So, carry on.

And we shall carry on, too. After all, we?ve got one heckuva roundup this week! So, without further ado?