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Tanzu Developer Celebrates Its 1st Birthday with Some Great New Features!

What a year it's been! Let's take a look at what's changed in the last 12 months, including a new feature launching today!

Brian McClain June 1, 2021

My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that the Tanzu Developer Center launched. Our initial showing had what we believed at the time to be a wide array of content, from guides to videos to code samples. Over the last 12 months, though, we’ve really seen our content grow.


With shows that run monthly, weekly—even daily—each and every episode is always a great time. Tanzu Tuesdays, for example, hosted by Tiffany Jernigan, features a new guest every week who takes you into a deep-dive of a topic of their choosing, complete with live demos and coding. Code, on the other hand, is a weekly show hosted by the Spring developer advocates, who walk you through complex, real-world scenarios and show you the tools and techniques you can use to solve them. Make sure to check out all of our shows on Tanzu.TV!


In September of 2020, we launched self-paced workshops on the Tanzu Developer Center. Complete with your own personal environment right in the browser, these workshops offer hands-on instructions for working with new technologies and techniques. For example, our Kubernetes Fundamentals Workshop teaches you how to prepare and deploy your applications on Kubernetes without having to set up your own cluster or install anything locally.

VMware Tanzu Labs Practices

VMware Tanzu Labs has actually been around for a long, long time. Previously known as VMware Pivotal Labs, this organization has been providing agile software development and consulting services for more than 30 years. Over that time, its practitioners have picked up a trick or two, practices which they happily share on the Tanzu Developer Center for free. These practices comprise a wealth of knowledge gleaned from building modern applications, developing products, modernizing existing applications, and working with distributed teams. Check out the practices today!

NEW! Outcome Architectures

Today, we’re introducing outcome architectures. These outcomes not only address the “why” in the form of strategy content, but the “how” in the form of practical—and proven—tactical references. This new style of content pieces together guides and workshops in a sequential order, building a larger narrative to accomplish a larger goal. We’ve chosen to launch with two outcomes:

  • Secure software supply chains – A secure software supply chain is a full suite of software that will move your code from a developer’s laptop through source control and, eventually, onto production systems. This is not a one-way transaction. This supply chain, when implemented properly, will become a closed-loop system, whereby the same tools that will drive code to production will also help to address critical production events.

  • Application observability – Software systems commonly comprise a multitude of microservices spanning a variety of cloud and on-premise environments, with dependencies on external services and tools. These systems require constant change in order to accommodate new features and keep up with critical security patches, but change introduces risk. A strong observability culture is essential to managing this risk and making sense of these complex systems.

As you may have noticed, there is something conspicuously absent from the site: patterns. Patterns were a good fit for what the site was a year ago. We started with a dozen or so pieces of content, all fitting into neat little buckets; the intention was to build out content pattern by pattern. Today, however, we have well over 200 guides, blogs, practices, videos, and samples, and that number is growing faster than ever. We’re working on a more flexible way to discover content on the site, and believe that outcomes are a great starting point.

Thank You!

It’s been such a pleasure to work on this content over the past year, and we’re encouraged each and every time we hear that someone got something useful out of it. The Tanzu Developer Center is an ever-growing project with content constantly being added, and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. We appreciate everyone who has visited us over these last 12 months, and if you’re new here, we encourage you to take a look around! We have a lot planned and we’re so excited to bring new content and features to you!

From all of us who have written content for the site, thank you!