The Service Control Platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organizations

Compatible with TKGI

Kompatibel mit TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Kompatibel mit TKG
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

Kompatibel mit TKGI
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

Adopting Kubernetes requires an enterprise-grade solution to enable management, security and traffic monitoring entering Kubernetes clusters. Running Kong for Kubernetes Ingress Controller inside Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides a powerful platform for your critical microservice applications.

Support to Kubernetes CRDs

Manage your Ingress through kubectl and CRDs backed by an Operator that automatically reconciles the state of your ingress. Enable GitOps via declarative config to boost efficiency and ensure consistency.

Leverage Kubernetes RBAC

Leverage Kubernetes namespace-based RBAC model to ensure consistent access controls without adding overhead. Easily implement policies across all your clusters via plugins.

Integration with TKGI

Kong supports Dex to delegate User and Application Authentication processes.Native TKGI observability tools can be use to monitor Kong including Prometheus & Grafana, Alert Manager and Fluentbit.

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Kong Enterprise provides a Service Control Platform that enables organizations to transition to microservices, as well as allow its customers to manage the full lifecycle of services and APIs. When combined with VMware Tanzu, Kong customers can apply traffic policies via declarative configurations, automate deployments, and manage container-based applications running on its cloud platform.

More about Kong

“Organizations adopting Kubernetes need a mission critical ingress solution to enable security, management and traffic control of their Kubernetes clusters. By combining Kong Enterprise and TKGI capabilities, customers have the market's most powerful end-to-end API management solution.”

Kristian Gyrokos, Sr. Dir of Alliances, Kong


Kong for Kubernetes Enterprise is a lightweight deployment of Kong Gateway as a Kubernetes ingress controller. A Kubernetes ingress controller is a proxy that exposes Kubernetes services from applications (for example, Deployments, StatefulSets) running on a TKGI cluster to client applications running outside of the cluster. The intent of an ingress controller is to provide a single point of control for all incoming traffic into the Kubernetes cluster.

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