Design is about more than appearances

It’s about how products work. Design provides the foundation for enterprises to build the products their users need and continue innovating to become leaders in their industry.

Use design to drive business results


return on investment

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increase in revenue

McKinsey Design Index


more likely to launch

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Design increases user engagement

You have to know what your users need to build the right products. Design helps you de-risk and make smart product decisions. Tap into user insight and incorporate feedback to eliminate the risk of building the wrong thing. Create products that build customer loyalty.

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Thrive in a changing market through design

Organizations that integrate design into their process are leading the pack. Their iterative culture responds nimbly to user feedback and a fluctuating market. They test early and often and incorporate what they learn. Most importantly: they keep moving fast.

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Surface innovative opportunities

Outcome-driven team collaboration (e.g., user journeys, product mapping, and user research) helps identify the gaps between user needs, your product, and current market offerings so you can close them. You’ll also unearth new areas for innovation to drive future products.

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“The impact of the partnership with Tanzu Labs is far greater than just shortening the application development lifecycle. They’ve helped us foster a culture of organizational product experts, designers and engineers working together, face to face, where people can be themselves.”

Antonio Melo, Practice Director of the Humana DEC


Tanzu Labs Design Guide

Learn how Tanzu Labs uses design to help our enterprise customers deliver business value.

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Design is a team sport

Tanzu Labs product teams succeed because they’re balanced and multidisciplinary. Each team member brings along unique expertise and diverse perspectives that everyone can leverage to make quick, informed decisions. This creates a shared understanding that allows the team to move with speed and reduce waste by eliminating handoffs.

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Balanced teams drive 47% more productivity

Designing a Future Economy, UK Design Council 2018

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