The Promise of Data

Simplify your migration to the cloud with VMware Data Solutions (formerly VMware Tanzu Data Services). It’s a portfolio of on-demand caching, messaging, and database software for development teams building modern applications.

Why do companies like yours use VMware Data Solutions?

Provide self-service access to developers

Developers can spawn dedicated on-demand instances of data services. Automated provisioning supports rapid development, testing, and continuous delivery practices for a consistent experience in any cloud.

Bring legacy data into the cloud native model

Cache legacy data on-platform and expose it to a new world of cloud native applications. Or create new data architectures for applications with resilience, speed, and scale.

Reliably run data services at web scale

With high availability and autoscaling, application teams no longer have to sweat the details about how their apps will perform day-to-day. Proven technology from the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes ecosystem handle HA, auto-failover, and scaling on their behalf.

Key Features

Elastic scale-out

Easily scale out to meet the most demanding peaks in usage. Scale back down again gracefully when the peaks are behind you.

Distributed deployment

Deploy as clusters for high availability and throughput, and federate across Multiple Geolocation (Multi-Site), multiple availability zones and regions. Achieve Active/Active and Active/Passive deployment topologies.


VMware Data Solutions gives applications their own object data store at in-memory speed that can serve thousands or even millions of concurrent requests at a time, while maintaining data consistency.

Security that’s built in, not bolted on

VMware Data Solutions enables authentication and authorization using OAuth2. Data in transit is encrypted via TLS. Passwords, certificates, and other secrets are encrypted.

Consistent binding

The lifecycle of a data service is managed the same way for every use case, with the Open Service Broker API.

Fault tolerance

Partial failure in a distributed system is a fact of life. VMware Data Solutions provides methods for fault tolerance, failover, and backup and restore to help prevent loss and promote availability.

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