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How VMware Tanzu Enhanced Humana's Medicare Digital Enrollment Experience

About Humana

Humana Inc. is a for-profit American health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. As the third largest health insurance provider in the nation, they work to improve healthcare and make it more accessible for the communities they serve.

The impact of the partnership with [VMware Tanzu Labs] is far greater than just shortening the application development life cycle. ”

Antonio Melo, practice director of the DEC, Humana

Humana's Medicare Digital Enrollment Experience

In partnership with VMware, Humana realized its vision of a better customer experience for its digital Medicare enrollment. The modernized platform helps Humana’s customers overcome common barriers to online Medicare enrollment by providing information and guidance throughout the enrollment process. Data and comparisons surfaced by the platform empower customers to make informed decisions and enroll in a suitable plan with ease.

Humana partnered with VMware Tanzu Labs to modernize and build the new digital enrollment platform. Working together, the Humana and Tanzu Labs team conducted weekly user research and feedback sessions to inform a user-centered design and continuous refinements to the new application. Employing an API-first strategy, Humana and Tanzu Labs engineers modernized the backend of Humana’s existing system to surface Medicare plans and benefits. The team also built a machine learning model to estimate costs of care and help customers compare and select a plan. The modernized Medicare digital enrollment platform runs on VMware Tanzu Application Service, allowing Humana to optimize for quality, scalability, and minimal business disruption. Since launching its modernized Medicare open enrollment platform, Humana has seen increased enrollment rates year over year. Watch the video above to learn more about Humana’s Medicare Digital Enrollment Experience and read about VMware Tanzu’s approach to modern open enrollment platforms.