Feature complete: Uncovering the true cost different RabbitMQ features and configs - Jack Vanlightly

November 20, 2019

They call RabbitMQ the swiss army knife of messaging systems, but what impact do all those features have on performance? In this talk we'll review common features and their effect on end-to-end latency, throughput and broker load. We'll see concrete numbers and come to actionable conclusions that will help you make more balanced decisions regarding the tradeoffs of the powerful functionality available vs performance. -- RabbitMQ Summit 2019 connected RabbitMQ users and developers from around the world in London on 4 November, 2019. Learn what's happening in and around RabbitMQ, and how top companies utilise RabbitMQ to power their services. https://www.rabbitmqsummit.com RabbitMQ Summit was organised by: - CloudAMQP, offering fully managed RabbitMQ clusters https://www.cloudamqp.com - Erlang Solutions, offering world-leading RabbitMQ Consultancy, Support, Health Checks & Tuning solutions https://www.erlang-solutions.com/ RabbitMQ Summit 2019 was sponsored by the following companies. Platinum sponsors: Pivotal Oliver Wyman Gold sponsors: Nastel AWS Silver sponsor: Queue Explorer

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