Jumpstarting Digital Transformation and Reducing Time to Value Are Key to Success—Michael Dell

October 25, 2018

Enterprises across industries recognize they need to adopt a digital mindset to compete in today’s economy. But many end up with analysis-paralysis, unsure how to get started. The question, then, is how do you make it easy for enterprises to take those first steps of their digital transformation journey?

The answer, according to Michael Dell, is by reducing time to value with Pivotal Ready Architecture, or PRA.

“[With PRA], we've made this very easy, taking deployment times down from months to weeks and days,” said Dell, speaking with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018. PRA is Pivotal Cloud Foundry running on a pre-tested, pre-configured VxRail platform. “We have lots of great customers, like the US Air Force-Raytheon project and many others, that are now standing this up.”

Dell had a lot more to say during his conversation with Kelly. The two discuss the relationship between Dell and Pivotal, and how the two companies jointly deliver value to large enterprise customers. Dell also shares some of his biggest lessons learned over the last two years since the massive Dell/EMC combination.


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