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The Three Romances of Digital Transformation

Many large organisations are currently facing the need for transformations within their enterprise to meet the challenges of a digital economy and a digitally oriented customer base.

These transformations—as is often the case for significant business change—are not occurring spontaneously; rather, they are intentional, strategic changes with leadership backing. As such, they are being planned and funded as programmes with expressed goals in mind.

Unfortunately, these programmes often fall short of expectations and do not meet their goals, leaving organisations wondering why and how this happened.

RedCrew and Pivotal have worked with numerous clients in the Asia-Pacific region on transformation initiatives. This white paper is a summary of these experiences and articulates the learnings that have been gleaned through active participation in such transformation programmes. It explains the why and the how of digital transformation and, while this paper does not purport to be a research paper, it articulates insights and recommendations gained through practical experience.

By James Bligh, Co-Founder RedCrew

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