The Age of Data-Driven Medicine

December 2, 2016

Big Data Helps Reveal Hidden Health Trends and Build Risk Models


The healthcare world is changing fast. Increased cost-pressures is a key driver, but also well-informed patients who are critical of medical services and aware they have options. And there’s digital data, lots of it. For decades, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical concerns, insurance companies and other players in the healthcare field have been sitting on a huge stockpile of data.

Today the healthcare consumer, himself, is able to log and produce relevant data through all sorts of wireless devices used to monitor healthy living and medical conditions. Healthcare providers, for their part, have begun to discover the technological tools that allow them to create added value by connecting all this structured and unstructured data. The thus derived information gives predictive value that raises the quality of patient care and comfort, reduces costs at hospitals, research laboratories and in the healthcare industry in its widest sense. Most of all: Big Data can save lives.

To achieve this, healthcare has to become truly patient-centered. Healthcare consumers need to get engaged in their medical treatment: their genome sequences are used to develop personalized medicine while their medical data and other data from everyday life, is connected and turned into predictive information. The challenge is not just in storage and access, but in making the increasing number of datasets being developed from many sources across the healthcare spectrum usable.

With this booklet, we want to offer you the views of innovation technology thought leader Peter Hinssen on how you can steer your healthcare organization into the future, driven by the smart use of Big Data. To keep you informed on a constant basis, we have created the Data Science Series website (, offering you case stories from your peers, valuable insight into market research and an overview of the Catalyst partners that help Pivotal Greenplum bring the right building blocks to the market. Allowing you to build the right ‘refinery’ for all the information that is coming your way.

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Orca: A Modular Query Optimizer Architecture for Big Data
Orca: A Modular Query Optimizer Architecture for Big Data

PaaS: Open for Business
PaaS: Open for Business