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Pivotal Greenplum vs Amazon Redshift

March 21, 2017

Understanding an Alternative to Redshift

With continued growth of data sizes and evolving data consumer needs, the data engine has been forced to adapt. 20 years ago, there were only a few massively parallel processing (MPP) database systems, all of which were both proprietary and expensive. During this time, a open-source movement emerged that weakened the proprietary systems hold on the market.

In this free white paper, you will read how open-source database systems became mature enough for developers to take a look at adapting them to the MPP design. Specifically, we will take an in-depth, technological look at how Pivotal Greenplum compares to AWS Redshift.

In this free analysis, you will learn about the key differentiators between the two data warehouses. Specifically around:

  • Open Source and PostgreSQL Origins
  • Elasticity
  • Flexibility in Table Design and Optimization
  • Extensive and Advanced Analytics Library
  • Fast Parallel Data Loading, Unloading, and Processing
  • Resource Queues and Workload Management
  • System Administrations
  • Professional Services and Support


About the Author

  Jacque Istok serves as the Head of Data Technical Field for Pivotal, responsible for setting both data strategy and execution of pre and post sales activities for data engineering and data science. Prior to that, he was Field CTO helping customers architect and understand how the entire Pivotal portfolio could be leveraged appropriately. A hands on technologist, Mr. Istok has been implementing and advising customers in the architecture of big data applications and back end infrastructure the majority of his career. Prior to Pivotal, Mr. Istok co-founded Professional Innovations, Inc. in 1999, a leading consulting services provider in the business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management space, and served as its President and Chairman. Mr. Istok is on the board of several emerging startup companies and serves as their strategic technical advisor.
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