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Observability for Modern Application Platforms

Application architectures are undergoing dramatic changes. As a result, the traditional application and infrastructure monitoring is no longer enough. DevOps teams, including application and cloud architects, SRE/operations leads, and business decision-makers, can use this paper as a guide for evaluating existing monitoring architectures and developing new observability solutions. It helps them learn how by leveraging telemetry software instrumentation, data analytics, they can transform IT processes towards agile cloud operations.

What You'll Learn:

With the rise of microservices, containers and multicloud, modern cloud application environment complexity increased. Traditional monitoring is no longer enough, giving rise to observability.  Observability, together with data analytics and automation, enables implementing actionable feedback loops for effectively managing and optimizing cloud-native infrastructure and applications. Read this technical white paper to learn how observability can help with the transition of organizations and IT processes towards agile cloud operations. In this technical deep dive white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Industry drivers for observability and why monitoring evolved

  • Organizational complexities and challenges to implementing observability

  • Cloud observability frameworks and critical use cases as well as instrumentation best practices

Download the White Paper below!

Try Tanzu Observability: https://tanzu.vmware.com/observability-trial

About the Author:

Harmen van der Linde is senior director at VMware’s Office of the CTO and focused on multi-cloud and observability. Before VMware, Harmen was the director and global head of Citigroup’s Monitoring and Logging organization. In this role, he led several observability projects focused on Kubernetes monitoring, bridging the gap between application development and IT infrastructure operations. Before Citi, Harmen worked at Cisco and AT&T in various leadership roles, focused on product management and network operations planning. Harmen has an MBA in Economics and Finance from Stern NYU and an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Twente University. 

VMware Tanzu Edge Solution Architecture with ROBO Topology
VMware Tanzu Edge Solution Architecture with ROBO Topology

Business Transformation Simplified
Business Transformation Simplified