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Multi-Site Pivotal Cloud Foundry Reference Architecture: A Technical Comparison

A Technical Comparison of PCF Foundation Configurations: Active-Active, Active-Passive, and “Stretched”

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a popular choice for enterprises that want to modernize software delivery practices. When it comes time to deploy PCF, a common question arises: how can I best deploy PCF across data center locations? Read this paper to answer this question!

In particular, we'll review three common options:

  • Active-active is two fully functional PCF platforms deployed and primed with applications to serve traffic in case of failure.

  • An active-passive configuration, by contrast, features one platform deployment that acts as a “standby” site.

  • A “stretched” deployment has a single PCF deployment that spans across two data centers.

The paper includes dozens of best practices for all three configurations. What's more, these recommendations are gleaned from Pivotal’s work with hundreds of enterprises over the years. Learn from your peers, and accelerate your platform rollout!

About the Authors
Ryan Pei, Staff Product Manager, Pivotal
Jared Ruckle, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Pivotal
Sudhindra Rao, Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal
Luciano Silva, Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal

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