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Migrating Oracle Analytical Workloads to Pivotal Greenplum on the AWS Marketplace

May 12, 2017

Many companies are intimidated by the perceived risks of migrating from their data warehouse to the cloud, from security to supportability. However, the barrier of entry has been reduced with the ease of cluster deployment in the AWS Marketplace and the option of a managed environment.

Oracle and Pivotal Greenplum may seem similar feature-wise, but from a compute and storage standpoint, their architectures are very different. With Pivotal Greenplum, you get a full, open source solution with deeper analytics that doesn’t break the bank.

In this white paper, we point out the benefits to switching to Pivotal Greenplum by addressing multiple Oracle analytical challenges. We will also provide a four step plan to completing an agile, reliable, and cost-effective migration.

About the Author

  Jacque Istok serves as the Head of Data Technical Field for Pivotal, responsible for setting both data strategy and execution of pre and post sales activities for data engineering and data science. Prior to that, he was Field CTO helping customers architect and understand how the entire Pivotal portfolio could be leveraged appropriately. A hands on technologist, Mr. Istok has been implementing and advising customers in the architecture of big data applications and back end infrastructure the majority of his career. Prior to Pivotal, Mr. Istok co-founded Professional Innovations, Inc. in 1999, a leading consulting services provider in the business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management space, and served as its President and Chairman. Mr. Istok is on the board of several emerging startup companies and serves as their strategic technical advisor.
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