Introducing The Newly Redesigned Apache HAWQ (incubating)

December 2, 2016

A Technical Primer for Apache HAWQ, The Hadoop Native SQL Database


Motivated by the interactive analytical query limitations of Hadoop and the performance advantages of MPP databases, Pivotal developed HAWQ, a SQL query database that combines the merits of Pivotal Greenplum with Hadoop distributed storage. Pivotal contributed the Pivotal HAWQ core to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in September 2015 and it is now officially an incubating project.

The Pivotal HAWQ team has developed the next generation of Apache HAWQ (incubating) to enable greater elasticity to support the requirements of a growing user base and to enhance the capabilities of running HAWQ on public cloud, private cloud, or shared physical cluster environments. It also allows administrators to run HAWQ more efficiently with better performance and provides the required SQL analytics capabilities to end users. The result is the leading Hadoop Native SQL Database delivering actionable insights to more people in the enterprise.

This white paper is a technical primer for the latest generation of Apache HAWQ (incubating) covering enhancements such as improved query execution flow, greater elasticity, and improved resource management capabilities.

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