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DevOps and Application Management for Manufacturing

By 2023, manufacturers across Asia-Pacific will have increased their investments in digital operations technologies, data governance, and digital engineering organisations by 50 percent.

Many leading businesses have already moved their critical applications to the cloud and have taken their apps from monolith to microservices. However, having cloud native applications doesn’t always translate to secure and effective continuous delivery to meet evolving business needs. The vast majority of manufacturers (92 percent) say application development is a key component of their growth strategy, and almost half are using a DevOps approach.

How can manufacturers across APAC improve their application management in 2021 and beyond? Tools need to be supported by the right processes and culture to have a real impact. This white paper will discuss the three essential practices we recommend for manufacturers to help them tackle this challenge

Preparing Manufacturers for the World of 5G
Preparing Manufacturers for the World of 5G

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