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Crossing the Value Stream: Improving Development with VMware and Pivotal Platform

Adopters of Cloud Foundry have achieved remarkable gains in developer productivity.

Citi, CoreLogic, Liberty Mutual, and many others tell their stories at industry events, detailing how they’ve achieved 3x and 4x developer productivity.

The story behind Humana’s “Cue App” for the Apple Watch is representative. Four Humana developers delivered “Cue,” a health app, to Apple’s App Store in five weeks. It was released on-schedule, in time for the Apple Watch launch event. The app achieved 300% of the company’s usage goal, and was named a “Top 10 app” by MacLife.com.

It’s common to hear Cloud Foundry users tell anecdotes like “we delivered 3X the number of features this year compared to last year” and “our developers went from working on code only 20% of the time to 80-90% of the time.”

Where does this productivity comes from? This white paper will tell you.

Another goal of the paper: to help you understand—and adopt—the specific practices that lead to software development process improvements.

We’ll demonstrate the practices that companies use to transform developer productivity. Each practice section includes 3 parts:

  1. Reviewing the underlying principles that drive transformation.
  2. Explaining why these practices work.
  3. Finally, we provide examples, where enterprises have used these practices to successfully transform, at scale.

Along the way, we’ll also show how Cloud Foundry enables each practice.

Authored by Matthew Gunter

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Digital Transformation for the Busy Executive

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