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Container Security in Pivotal Application Service: A Guide for InfoSec Teams

Containers need extra layers of security. Here’s what you need to know.

Containers can deliver wonderful business benefits because they share the OS kernel and resources. When surrounded by the right tech stack, containers can help provide speed, agility and higher density than VMs. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. These benefits come with complexity. 

You need to incorporate additional security provisions compared to a VM-centric model. The shared OS kernel and resources makes containers more risk prone compared to VMs. That said, the upside of containers is well-worth the extra cost for security.

In fact, distributed systems now embed many powerful container security concepts “out of the box.” In this whitepaper, we’ll review these concepts in deep technical detail. Then, we’ll examine how Pivotal Application Service (PAS) implements these controls.

Download this paper, and learn how you can reduce your risk with containers in Pivotal Application Service!

About the Authors

Madhav Sathe, Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
Jared Ruckle, Director, Product Marketing, Pivotal


Security Outcomes with Pivotal Application Service
Security Outcomes with Pivotal Application Service

Protecting ePHI with Pivotal Application Service
Protecting ePHI with Pivotal Application Service