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An Internet of Things Platform Powered by Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Microsoft Azure

March 2, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expanding. IoT systems impact the lives of consumers and enterprises around the world. It creates opportunities for new business models, new products, and new services.

So how can you best capitalize on these opportunities? You need to build and offer intelligent services, service that will ingest and process large amounts of data. Yet, data alone is not enough. It’s the combination of data, analytics, and software that will drive new business from IoT scenarios.

This paper provides practical background on IoT. From there, we explore the need for a platform and developer productivity for IoT use cases. Finally, we review a IoT sample reference architecture. Our example reference architecture combines capabilities from Pivotal Cloud Foundry, a modern platform, and Microsoft Azure. Our examples show proven patterns. Customers are using these patterns in the real world to build successful IoT systems at scale.

About the Authors

Colin Stevenson, Senior Manager Partner Solution Architects, Pivotal 
Mike Lloyd, Partner Solution Architect, Pivotal


Chargebacks and Showbacks in Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Chargebacks and Showbacks in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Security and Compliance with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Security and Compliance with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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