OpenShift Monitoring and Observability

Automated Insights into OpenShift with the Certified Wavefront Operator

With the Wavefront Certified OpenShift 4.x Operator available in Operator Hub, developers and OpenShift operators get automated observability across OpenShift environments including containerized applications, Kubernetes and underlying infrastructure. The VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront platform:

  • Recognize Kubernetes services, discovers Kubernetes workloads and instruments Java-based services across any cloud via the Wavefront Java Tracing Agent
  • Populate pre-packaged multi-layered Kubernetes dashboards that you can further customize to your environment
  • Report at scale, up to 1-sec resolution (sub 1-sec with histograms), streaming health and SLO metrics for clusters, nodes, pods, and containerized applications


Fast and Accurate Observability of High-Cardinality Metrics on OpenShift Applications

Tanzu Observability’s indexing strategy, patented functionality, and high-performance database provide superior handling of metric metadata for short-lived container environments at scale. Benefits for developers and OpenShift operators include:

  • Uninterrupted data ingestion during spinning up and spinning down hundreds of containers with new IDs
  • Fast and correct troubleshooting without pre-aggregation or inline aggregation of container data
  • No running blind during a major update/code deploy that refreshes container fleet Instant alerting using fast metric queries across multiple clouds and at high scale
  • Instant alerting using fast metric queries across multiple clouds and at high scale


Real-Time, End-To-End Troubleshooting and Correlation

Tanzu Observability enables developers and DevOps teams to not only easily deploy and run the containerized code but also to alleviate code issues by understanding Kubernetes system metrics and instantly troubleshoot containers and application microservices. With Tanzu Observability’s full-stack observability and powerful analytics, you can:

  • Correlate and quickly drill down across application running on OpenShift, containers, Kubernetes and your cloud or hybrid cloud
  • Deep-dive into any incident using distributed tracing, by tracing transactions across distributed services and identifying the root cause in seconds
  • Proactively alert on anomalies across containerized application environments with sophisticated AI-driven performance analytics and trends prediction


“Before Wavefront, we would have no clue about what is going on. Now we can fix software bugs and validate that the changes had exactly the effects we intended.” - John Beatty Cofounder and CEO, Clover


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