VMware Tanzu Labs Helps Organizations Speed Software Delivery And Modernize Legacy Applications

Organizations have access to an increasing number of tools and capabilities to engage customers quickly, cost-effectively, and with high quality. However, many organizations struggle to release applications on a quarterly basis, nevermind faster. This has elevated application modernization to the top of the priority list as decision-makers seek to capture opportunities by adopting more agile tools and processes.

In order to address the processes and patterns piece of the modernization puzzle, organizations turn to VMware Tanzu Labs consulting services to jumpstart their app modernization journeys and get new features to production faster. During a Tanzu Labs engagement, practitioners work alongside the organization’s team to define a modernization strategy and iterate through modernization and development work, impart best practices, build the team’s skills, and deliver the project.­

Forrester interviewed a VMware Tanzu Application Service (TAS) customer that has leveraged Tanzu Labs over several recent engagements, as part of a larger study of the benefits, costs, and risks of investing in TAS. This customer is a global financial services organization based in the United States providing complex and tailored solutions to the most successful funds, brands, and clients. The organization’s most recent Tanzu Labs engagements centered around the organization’s continued focus on digital transformation. This abstract will focus on this customer’s Tanzu Labs experiences.

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