Avoid the Mean Time to WTF: How to Use Analytics for Metrics Monitoring | Wavefront

January 19, 2017

Nobody wants to get to a WTF moment, particularly when it comes to production cloud applications or SaaS environments. Simple poll-check alerts can’t relate to overall system performance. Log monitors can’t give a complete understanding of a system running cloud applications. APM can’t track custom application metrics that are the true indicators of business performance and customer experience. WTF - is there a better way? This talk by CTO of Wavefront Dev Nag at nginx.conf 2016 covers how a unified metrics-driven approach to monitoring combined with real-time analytics forms the core of modern service assurance architectures. The talk also covers how to apply query analytics to improve anomaly detection and intelligent alerting at production scale, with examples from the operational trenches of leading SaaS companies.

To Log or To Metric, That is the Question - Wavefront by VMware
To Log or To Metric, That is the Question - Wavefront by VMware

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