VMware Tanzu Observability for Managed Service Providers

Use Cloud Analytics for Differentiated Value to Your Customers​

Your First Pane of Glass for Cloud Applications, Kubernetes and Infrastructure​ ​

VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront provides full-stack visualization and alerting into dynamic public multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. With Tanzu Observability’s 220+ turn-key integrations, including AWS, GCP, Azure, Tanzu Application Service, Kubernetes and plethora of DevOps tools, you can accelerate new customer onboarding. In one place, Tanzu Observability enables efficient and proactive container monitoring and full cloud management.


Optimize Your Service Delivery and Meet Customer SLAs​ ​

Tanzu Observability’s unified view across application and infrastructure performance enables faster resolution to your customer’s urgent issues:

  • Sophisticated AI/ML-driven alerts distinguish anomalies from everyday fluctuations​
  • Metrics, traces, and histograms enable deeper analysis and faster troubleshooting​​
  • Higher-resolution, interactive dashboards empower more efficient search and better correlation across disparate services ​


Win Customers with Visual Analytics and Quicker Time to Value ​

Tanzu Observability helps you easily onboard both your new cloud-native customers and those migrating from on-premises to cloud for digital transformation. Tanzu Observability’s industry leading analytics means interactive, easy-to-customize dashboards, automated monitoring and smarter alerting, helping you to deliver optimal customer-specific services at scale. Share rich, custom dashboards with customers and across teams to track business KPIs, correlated with key application and infrastructure services.​


Automated Monitoring Services Across All Your Customer Tenants at Scale ​

Tanzu Observability automated monitoring turns container and cloud implementation, deployment, operations, and management into repeatable and simplified experiences. This purpose-built MSP platform provides:​​

  • Multi-tenancy at massive scale​
  • Per customer, role-based access control​
  • MSP supervisory controls over an unlimited number of user accounts​​
  • Data consumption-based pricing model that makes it easy for MSPs to price customers​​


We Support You with Critical Tools and resources to contribute to your Expanding Growth and Success​

  • Sales and technical training for your teams​
  • Regional partner manager and support​
  • Enablement package to help you sell​
  • Co-marketing resources and support​

Tanzu Observability is focused and committed to our partnership. Interested in learning more? Let us know.

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“Wavefront monitors my customers’ hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures in one place, better than any other tool we’ve used. For us, Wavefront is more than a first pane of glass. It also allows us to better understand context and set smarter, analytics-driven alerts. We now know earlier whether a customer environment is experiencing anomalies, and this is critical information to our business.” - Calvin Lam, Co-founder and CEO, Masterson


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