Unified Observability with Log Management

Full stack visibility with traces, metrics, and logs for more actionable insights at scale

Unified Observability – a modern approach to monitoring

VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly VMware Tanzu Observability) is a unified observability platform delivering full-stack visibility using metrics, traces, and logs, across distributed applications, application services, container services, and multi-cloud based on public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Enterprise Ready, Enterprise Scale

Unlike other solutions that can be expensive and are unable to manage the large volumes of data generated by Kubernetes and cloud applications, Aria Operations for Applications unifies traces, metrics, and logs in a single platform, with unmatched scalability in the millions of points per second and with compelling ROI.

Single source of truth to correlate and query against all types of data and to reduce MTTR (mean time to resolution)

Aria Operations for Applications is modern monitoring and observability for modern environments and applications in one platform:

  • Easy to navigate observability platform for all data types
  • Customized dashboards for systems, infrastructure, applications
  • Instant visibility across all major public cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Eliminated complexity of modern systems with integrated anomaly detection


Key Features

Aria Operations for Applications:

  • Gathers full-stack metrics across your environment, including microservices, legacy applications, containers, serverless, multi-cloud, and data center infrastructure
  • Records full distributed traces of cloud native applications, correlating with metrics and logs within application service maps
  • Enables troubleshooting and optimizes performance faster with unified views
  • Provides a single pane of glass view to eliminate silos and provide comprehensive visibility for greater business insights, troubleshooting, and faster innovation

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