Tanzu Application Service Observability

End-to-End Full Stack Observability for VMware Tanzu Application Service

Tanzu Application Service is a modern application platform for enterprises that want to continuously deliver and run microservices securely at scale both on-premises and across clouds. It provides application development teams an automated path to production for custom code and a secure, highly available runtime that scales to support the most demanding operations teams. 

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront is a cloud-native observability platform purpose built to support the needs of enterprises running modern applications. It provides analytics and fully integrated visibility, tracing, and alerting into applications and Tanzu Application Service platform components. It allows operators, SREs, and developers to:

  • Correlate application with what’s going on at all levels of the stack, including platform components, VMs, and more
  • Find leading problem indicators for containerized applications at any scale using real-time analytics​
  • See the impact of new code and speed up delivery to production while reducing MTTR
  • Collaborate by instantly sharing any view across teams​

Use Prepackaged Tanzu Application Service Alerts, or Create Customized Ones

Tanzu Observability makes it easy to analyze your Tanzu Application Service data and quickly assess what’s happening across your applications and environment. 

Ensure cloud application uptime with instant insight into platform health across foundations and the impact of code in production.





Use the drill-down feature in the Application Maps for fast incident resolution at any scale.​




Built for DevOps Teams

Tanzu Application Service is designed for speed and scalability.  To ensure optimal application performance and health in such a dynamic environment, it's important that everyone is working with the same information. Tanzu Observability provides unified visibility for operators, developers, and SREs and can support thousands of active users across an enterprise.

Benefits for Operators and SREs:

  • Provides a single view of everything - applications, platforms, VMs, and cloud infrastructure.
  • 220+ out-of-the-box integrations allow you to ingest, visualize, and analyze all your telemetry data in one place.
  • Deliver code to production faster by identifying usage trends, runtime issues, and bottlenecks in delivery
  • 18-month retention for historical trend analysis and proactive capacity planning.

Benefits for Developers:

  • Deploy applications continuously with instant insight into code impact through request rate, error rate, and duration (RED) metrics and distributed traces.
  • Fix code issues quickly, based on unified views of applications, clusters, foundations, and cloud components.
  • Optimize code with historical trend analysis of application runtime metrics and custom application metrics.
  • Use pre-packaged alerts, or create customized alerts using the Wavefront Query Language.
“The Cloud native movement is about making distributed systems thinking ubiquitous, but with that comes the need for a profound new skill set that every PCF platform operator, SRE and developer would need, and no skill set is complete without a handy set of tools. My first tool of choice is Wavefront. We’ve been using it as the first step in our observability approach for PAS applications running across multiple clouds with multiple Kubernetes and non Kubernetes clusters.” - Emad Benjamin, Chief Technologist, Application Platforms, VMware OCTO


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