Real-Time Insights into Modern Applications

Application Monitoring & Analytics at Scale

Real-Time Monitoring with Lightweight Instrumentation for Modern Apps

Monitoring applications in highly dynamic environments at scale is not easy. DevOps teams including developers and SREs use VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront to monitor modern, cloud-native applications, microservices and serverless without overhead:

  • Monitor applications across different environments containerized, mobile-to-cloud, and serverless
  • Achieve light-weight and cost-efficient code instrumentation with out-of-the box support for leading open-source metrics libraries

Get Microservices Observability – Metrics, Traces, Histograms, Span Logs – in One Platform

Easily monitor modern microservices-based applications in Tanzu Observability with built-in support for key health insights:

  • Reduce MTTR by eliminating context switching with a single platform unifying metrics, traces, histograms and span logs
  • Get a fully OpenTelemetry compliant solution

Know First About Anomalies in Your Production Applications

Finding root cause and locating bottlenecks in applications is a breeze with Tanzu Observability:

  • Get full-visibility into application health and KPIs with easy-to-add custom metrics
  • With one click, correlate error footprint with all application metrics and surface the root-cause

Accurately Report High-Velocity Metrics from Highly Distributed Applications

Understand true performance of highly distributed services using Tanzu Observability’s histograms:

  • Reliably measure and aggregate quantiles of high-velocity metrics such as application response times and services SLAs
  • Calculate aggregated percentiles across multiple sources

Guide to Instrumenting Application Code

Given the new complexities and failure modes of distributed cloud applications, metrics instrumentation is replacing costly and performance-sapping APM tooling.

This eBook covers the what, why, and how for instrumenting your application code with metrics.

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See Everything – Infra, Apps and 3rd-Party APM Metrics – with Long Retention

Tanzu Observability is the first-pane-of-glass to visualize, monitor and analyze metrics from the entire stack:

  • Unify metrics from infrastructure, operating systems and apps – with 220+ integrations
  • Easily ingest 3rd-party APM metrics and enjoy long-term retention with no rollups

Wide Support for Languages and Open-Source Libraries

“Our engineers want to spend more time on fixing things instead of just trying to figure out what went wrong. That is why we adopted Wavefront. With Wavefront we can easily find code bottlenecks which allows for more rapid iteration, and more rapid improvements of our code.” - Nick Warr, Head of IT, Bossa Studios


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