Turn Metrics into Actionable Insights with Dynamic Infrastructure Observability

Correlate Infrastructure Across Any Dimension in Real Time

Applications depend on the infrastructure they are running on. When troubleshooting an application, you must find connection between the application state  and changes in the infrastructure. Tanzu Observability by Wavefront enables easy application behavior correlation against infrastructure changes in servers, networks, storage or hypervisors, and VMs. It correlates huge sets of time series data and finds patterns leading to a root cause of an incident.

Getting started is easy with Chart Builder – and Tanzu Observability query language supports 110+ functions to filter, aggregate, and slice metrics, histograms, and traces/spans across different dimensions in seconds.​


Troubleshoot Your Entire Infrastructure from One Place

Tanzu Observability delivers visibility into your entire infrastructure and is built for dynamically changing environments. The platform correlates metrics from your on-premises, private or public cloud stack for better insights.

It detects outliers, identifies usage patterns and spots resource problems. Tanzu Observability enables collaboration between teams across domains leading to the best infrastructure management decisions.


Create Intelligent Alerts to Prevent Infrastructure Emergencies

For traditional, hybrid and modern architectures (such as containers and microservices), Tanzu Observability by Wavefront captures granular infrastructure metrics at high scale and high velocity.

Craft smarter, more accurate and automatic alerts across your infrastructure metrics. Fix problems with server uptime, slow or failing network and storage components, before they turn into emergencies and affect end-user experience.


Wide Support for Infrastructure Monitoring Integrations


“I used to spend an hour every morning trying to figure out what happened to my systems overnight, but with Wavefront, that’s down to five minutes with one dashboard.” - Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure, Algolia


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