Kubernetes Observability

The Future of Kubernetes Monitoring

Observe Any Kubernetes Cluster and Any Workload​

The Tanzu Observability by Wavefront provides OOTB integrations with all the popular Kubernetes environments including:


Full-Stack Visualizations with Auto Discovery and Auto Configuration​

With a zero-configuration installation, Tanzu Observability by Wavefront delivers immediate observability into Kubernetes environments and auto-discovered Kubernetes workloads. Tanzu Observability automatically:

  • Recognizes Kubernetes services, then discovers and instruments Java-based services across any cloud via the Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Java Tracing Agent ​​
  • Populates OOTB dashboards with full-stack metrics from all Kubernetes layers – clusters, nodes, pods to containers and system metrics ​​
  • Scales your Kubernetes pods based on Wavefront metrics using the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) adapter​



Comprehensive Kubernetes Observability at Scale​

Download this eBook and discover how your Kubernetes operators, SREs and developers take advantage of automated Kubernetes observability for increased performance and resiliency of applications, Kubernetes components, and infrastructure.

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High Cardinality for Cloud Services with up to 200,000+ Containers​

To grow your cloud services without limits, Tanzu Observability scales to ingest, visualize, and analyze telemetry from 200,000 concurrently running containers per Kubernetes cluster. Operator, SRE, and developer teams use Tanzu Observability to achieve:

  • Uninterrupted data ingestion and visualization no matter how often you refresh your container fleet during code deployments and updates​
  • Instant real-time alerting across multi-cloud environments at high scale​
  • Fast and accurate troubleshooting with high fidelity, high cardinality metrics and without roll-ups



End-To-End Troubleshooting and Correlation

Use Tanzu Observability by Wavefront to troubleshoot applications, Kubernetes, and infrastructure as you deploy and run containerized code. Tanzu Observability is built to let you:

  • See the full stack, correlate across layers and quickly drill down into any microservice on any container, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud​
  • Identify root cause faster with analytics-driven alerts, correlated to Kubernetes operational metrics and alerts​
  • Isolate containerized microservices issues quickly using distributed tracing



“I cannot imagine the world without time series databases and metrics-driven analytics software like Wavefront. With continuous insight into the performance of our containerized applications, Mixpanel’s engineers gained the ability to monitor their resources cost in real-time, saving hours of troubleshooting time and increasing availability of their applications.” - Arya Asemanfar, Manager Infrastructure Team, Mixpanel


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