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See the Real-Time Impact of Code in Production

To remain competitive, quality code must be delivered faster with DevOps-driven, continuous delivery. But to maintain quality, teams need to immediately see the real-time impact of code released in production with granular detail to verify it’s doing what was intended to do.

VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront provides real-time views of your code, full stack, at detail down to sub-seconds.

  • Tag new code release events to baseline results across all of your charts
  • Quickly change views and apply queries ad hoc to verify performance improvements

Share views across all Ops and Developer teams to eliminate finger-pointing and get any problems resolved fast. See full stack to see impact on every aspect of your environment, with one platform.

Use Tanzu Observability to iterate on code releases faster, know exactly where to focus your next release.


Run Your Systems with Tighter Margins – Get More Out Of Them

Historically, you needed to run your systems with lots of head run when there’s little visibility into how your systems actually perform.​

With Tanzu Observability, you see what you actually need as margin, based on your full fidelity data, even with seasonality.​​

If resources need to dynamically expand to meet a usage uptick, Tanzu Observability can work with automation like Jenkins and StackStorm to make sure performance is never degraded.​​

Ops teams using Tanzu Observability can run with as much as 50% less headroom, saving significantly in resource costs.​​


Improve Capacity Forecasting with AI Genie™ Automation

Better forecasting comes with richer data and faster detection of subtle, hidden trends.

Tanzu Observability provides richer data by maintaining full fidelity with no down-sampling over 18 months. Drill-down and baseline the your data gathered a year+ ago, and compare it to the same granularity of data as today.

Also, no prerequisite stats or algorithm mastery is needed to use AI Genie to auto-detect anomalies and hidden trends pulled from hundreds of metric time series. AI Genie forecast prediction is automatic with no tune-up parameters, assisting you in project capacity and plan for future changes.


“[Tanzu Observability] handles high velocity metrics with relative ease. It retains and visualizes historical data with full fidelity together with real-time data, helping us track and anticipate seasonalities. These unique capabilities allow us to be even more operationally responsive to our business.” - Kevin Cantoni, VP Product Development, Workday


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Dashboards Powered by Analytics for Full Visibility

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