Enterprise Grade on Day 1

Platform Architecture Built for Enterprise Scale, Reliability, & Controls

Full-Stack Observability That’s Enterprise-Ready, Enterprise-Scalable

Enterprise DevOps teams can confidently deliver observability-as-a-service across their organizations with VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront. Here are some of the critical reasons why Tanzu Observability has become the industry’s leading, enterprise-grade observability platform:

Real-Time Performance at Scale

Tanzu Observability has a patent-pending architecture that’s proven to scale to millions of metrics per second. Many customers with thousands of active users use Tanzu Observability to set alerts, run queries and view dashboards. The platform is also optimized to handle high cardinality metrics at scale, delivering real-time visibility no matter the telemetry volume.

High Availability Architecture

Tanzu Observability has a high availability architecture with a 99.95% SLA using multiple availability zones across multiple regions. It keeps 4 copies of enterprise data at all times, and queues data even if the WAN link goes down. The Tanzu Observability Cloud auto-indexes and shards, adapting to the data shape.

Detailed Platform Self-Reporting

Tanzu Observability provides a real-time portal on its service status and usage. Track how Tanzu Observability is consumed by team, project, domain. Set usage quotas with per team reports to maintain cost budgets.

Granular Policy Control

Tanzu Observability enables DevOps teams to support 100s of teams based on policy. Define access to assets with granular user groups. Protect sensitive metrics with permission controls. Encrypt data at multiple levels. Support multi-tenant SSO.

User Customization at Scale

Tanzu Observability enables user teams to self-service their telemetry and create their own alerts and dashboards at scale. Intuitive query builders and creation tools for alerts and dashboards make it easy for all teams to deliver on service level objectives (SLOs) for their services.

Full Programmable Automation

Tanzu Observability provides a complete API for all its UX capabilities, with version control, facilitating automation and monitoring as code. Tanzu Observability integrates with run-book automation and continuous delivery platforms to automate remediation and roll-backs.

Proven Observability-as-a-Service Across the Largest Enterprises

"Failures of observability and incident management can compound a small problem into a large one, and make the difference between a short and a long time to fix problems." - Adrian Cockcroft @AWScloud (ex BatteryVentures/Netflix/eBay/Sun)


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Ingest and Visualize All Your Telemetry Quickly with our Massive Integrations Library

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