Dashboards Powered by Analytics for Full Visibility

Drag-and-Drop Dashboards and Charts

VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront’s interactive dashboards enable iterative investigation and faster anomaly detection, even novice users get insights within seconds. 

  • Quickly create high-res and high-density charts and dashboards. So easy with intuitive metrics discovery, and widget-structured dashboards without writing a query or opening chart editor.​
  • Create charts from metrics, histograms, integrations, or chart types using drag and drop.  You can instantly visualize the health of your applications and infrastructure.
  • Drill-down into cloud assets across regions, zones, and instances within a cloud environment. Use metric visualization widgets for top x lists, asset status lists, and displays of individual metric variable readings.
  • Ingest data into out-of-the-box dashboards via 200+ existing integrations with auto-config plug-ins. ​

Find Root Causes Quickly with Unified Insights and Easy Drill-Downs

Tanzu Observability makes it easy to analyze all your data, and quickly assess what’s going on in your environment. With its powerful query language, Tanzu Observability gives you the analytics power to search and visualize different angles, then rapidly reduce metrics to those most relevant to your issue.​

See a CPU anomaly in one chart? Select that host series and all charts with the same host light up, while irrelevant ones dim out. Drill down on that host with a “highlight as you type” regex-based filter. Apply a new ad-hoc query across all the charts, and identify correlated anomalies.​

Use Unified Views Across Teams for Accelerated Code Delivery

Teams need custom dashboards to report across the unique high- and low-level details of their service stack. To isolate a problem from a dashboard, they need to quickly drill-down to more in-depth aspects of their data. ​

Navigate between Tanzu Observability dashboards seamlessly while retaining all exploration context. Share any view across teams via the short URLs. With these collaborative insights, teams can see the impact of new code immediately, accelerating production delivery while reducing MTTR.

“[Tanzu Observability] actively partnered with us, seamlessly growing our monitoring capability by 300% ahead of a major new game release. We were able to utilize [Tanzu Observability] to perfectly inform us where we hit a snag, and visualize data to prove a successful fix.” - Nic Walker, Head of Technical Operations, SpaceApe


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