Comprehensive API

Interactive API with Live Documentation

The Wavefront REST API documentation is based on Swagger, which provides an interactive document where you can test all available REST API calls within the documentation itself. Try our API documentation to learn more about what we provide in our REST API, and learn how you can develop and integrate your applications with Wavefront quickly and easily.


Easily Overlay Events and Tag Resources with Wavefront APIs

Using Wavefront APIs, users can easily overlay system events onto charts. For instance, a code deployment event can be overlaid and used to see how the deployment correlates with your underlying system and application. Additionally, ops scripts can call Wavefront’s flexible API to tag hosts or sources making it easy to group hosts in Wavefront, in order to set alerts on them or run queries on them later.


Go Beyond Standard Alerts and Notifications with Webhooks

With Webhooks, Wavefront’s flexible API can make alerting options even more powerful by invoking arbitrary actions when alerts fire, enabling you to execute auto-remediation scripts, or configure any other actions beyond the out-of-the-box integrations. Additionally, you can configure Webhooks to notify your other systems and pass useful information around an alerting event beyond standard notifications.


Variety of Chart Types and Query APIs Provide Choice to Visualize or Integrate with Existing UIs

Wavefront’s flexible API supports different charts types used in most monitoring use-cases such as line chart, point plot, and stacked area charts. Furthermore, using the Query API our customers can use Wavefront as the monitoring platform and query engine and interface it with their existing UI, or any other UI of their choice. There are stunning examples, such as the one shown here, where customers have integrated Wavefront with D3 charts, and created calendar heat maps, or bar charts by using the Wavefront APIs.


“In order to provide a high performing and highly available experience to our users, our real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics capabilities have been expanding. We make extensive use of the Wavefront API to automate and we love it. Along the way, Wavefront has been a great partner to us.” - Hakan Baba, Sr. Software Engineer, Box


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