Wavefront Adds 35 New Integrations Driving Immediate Value to DevOps & Dev Teams for Cloud Services

May 15, 2018 Stela Udovicic

Wavefront by VMware is accelerating its pace of integrations delivery. We’ve enhanced the Wavefront platform with 35 new out-of-the-box integrations covering a spectrum of technologies and customer requirements important for delivering cloud applications across any cloud environment. The increased rate of our integrations growth is real proof for how easy it is to extend Wavefront’s metrics-driven analytics across any data source including application services, cloud infrastructures and DevOps tools. Before I review what all is new, let me first highlight that Wavefront’s integrations help DevOps & Dev teams to get:

  • A Quick Start: Pre-packaged dashboards let you see visualize performance faster for your component of interest, whether it’s a cloud service, code library, or DevOps tool.
  • Deep Insight into Technology Tiers: With pre-packaged metrics and dashboards, you don’t need to worry about what to monitor. Instead, engineers can keep focused on developing new functionalities contributing to their cloud application service.
  • Unified Analytics and Monitoring: Any Wavefront integration and dashboard can be easily customized using over 100 analytics functions including the powerful correlation and predictive functions on any metric data source.

But the best thing is that all Wavefront integrations are offered free of charge and are included in our free trial.

Wavefront Delivers Visibility Across Major Public Cloud Platforms – Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

The newly released set of Wavefront integrations include pre-packaged dashboards and metrics for Microsoft Azure. These integrations provide broad visibility into the overall health and resource utilization of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft Azure Virtual Scale Set, and Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts. With this addition, DevOps/SRE and developer teams can now get complete visibility across any major public cloud – Azure, AWS, and GCP.

New Wavefront AWS Integrations Enhance Visibility into Amazon Kinesis, EBS, S3, SNS, CloudFront, and More

We also enhanced our existing Wavefront AWS monitoring suite with the new integrations and dashboards that provide real-time insight into additional Amazon Web Services. These integrations provide packaged dashboards, metrics and alerts for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon ElasticCache Memcached and Amazon OpWorks. For example, our AWS CloudFront integration delivers a clear overview of key metrics from AWS CloudFront and global CDN service performance with insights into error rates, web distributions health and more. Check out our docs and look for upcoming blogs for more details on these integrations.

Wavefront Integration Enhancements for Google Cloud Platform

In addition, you can use the Wavefront platform to better understand and visualize key performance metrics for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with our new enhanced dashboards and packaged alerts for Google Cloud App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore.

More Goodies for DevOps and Developers – Pre-packaged Dashboards for Kong, Micrometer, Github and Bitbucket

Many DevOps and developer teams already using the Wavefront platform to monitor their microservices at high scale. The new Kong integration enhances visibility into this popular open source API gateway with prepackaged dashboards that give developers understanding the overall request count and database performance and helping to customize and adapt them for visibility into service mash architectures. In addition, developers should pay special attention to the release of Micrometer integration. It helps you instrument Spring Boot 2.0 applications to send JVM, host, and other metrics to Wavefront where you can correlate them with all the other metrics data sources or power your custom Wavefront dashboards.

We’re also delivering on our commitment to DevOps-centric customers by adding new Wavefront integrations with popular DevOps tools such as code repos – Github and Atlassian Bitbucket. The new Wavefront Github integration provides insight into Github system metrics including users, repos, push and pull requests and other important metrics pertinent to the CI/CD pipeline. Wavefront’s Bitbucket integration allows users to get an overview of important metrics such as the count of push, pull requests, any queued sessions, helping DevOps and developer teams alleviate code delivery bottlenecks.

New Integration for VMware vRealize Operations

If you’re an existing VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) customer, you can now integrate Wavefront with vROps for turn-key management of Wavefront agents, of services discovery, and more. Learn more about it here.

Hadoop Ecosystem Visibility

For Hadoop admins or DevOps teams that need a quick check on how their Hadoop clusters are performing, we added integrations for Hadoop MapReduce, Yarn, and HDFS. For example, using our HDFS integration, you can collect and visualize key metrics from name and data nodes to ensure the overall health and high availability of Hadoop clusters.

But Wait, There Are Even More Integrations

Our new integrations list goes on and on. If you use Ceph, FluentD, Couchbaee, Lighttpd, CoreOS, PHP-FRM, Papertrail, Rollbar – we now have an integration for you. Or if want to see pre-packaged dashboards for popular host OSes, including Suse Linux, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Oracle Linux – just sign up for our free trial. For instance, with our Wavefront Couchbase integration, you get immediate insight into key Couchbase node and bucket utilization metrics as well as many other performance metrics.

With this blog, my intent was to highlight with glimpses into the breadth of these new integrations. In our upcoming blogs, look for further details as we go deeper into these new integrations. But for now, if you need to integrate with a specific DevOps tool or cloud service and you don’t see it in our complete integration list, don’t hesitate to contact us. Likewise, please explore any of the Wavefront integrations in our free trial.

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Stela Udovicic (@stela_udo) is a Director of Product Marketing at VMware leading Tanzu Observability by Wavefront PMM team. Before VMware, while at Wavefront, as Sr. Director, Product Marketing, she led Product, Solutions and Partner Marketing. Before Wavefront, Stela led Product Marketing for Splunk's DevOps, IT Ops, storage, and networking solutions. Stela holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering. She has presented at many major conferences, including Splunk.conf, VMworld, DevOps Days, Cisco Live, RSA, Monitorama, PuppetConf, NetApp Insight, etc.

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