Digital Experience Monitoring with Tanzu Observability and Catchpoint Integration

August 24, 2020 Anirban Dey

In today’s highly digitized world, a seamless digital experience is an important aspect of driving customer behavior. As businesses adopt commercial cloud stacks to run applications, a lack of both control and visibility paired with increasing cloud complexity can create situations that blindside business owners.

Catchpoint is a digital experience monitoring platform used to troubleshoot the performance of digital services. It provides continuous synthetics monitoring to provide visibility into every layer of the digital delivery chain, including networks, code, CDNs, DNS, services, APIs, SaaS services, and more. Synthetic tests run on a specified schedule from a defined set of locations on various types of networks. These tests collect performance and availability metrics that can then be analyzed and called out using alerts.

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront delivers enterprise observability as a service by ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing metrics, traces, and histograms from distributed applications, containers, microservices, any cloud infrastructure — even business data.

With the new Wavefront Catchpoint integration, you get the strength of both tools. While Catchpoint gathers a wide range of metrics that help you to pinpoint and understand performance issues, Tanzu Observability helps you gauge the impact of those metrics on various system components by plotting together the data that is collected from multiple sources. Using Tanzu Observability Wavefront with Catchpoint integration, you can:

  • Analyze digital experience management data collected from Catchpoint using the advanced visualization capabilities of Tanzu Observability, which help you identify hidden anomalies faster

  • Correlate the digital experience management data with high-velocity metrics, traces, logs, and histograms collected from applications, Kubernetes, service mesh, and the multicloud environment by Tanzu Observability and provide the required data enrichment for faster troubleshooting

  • Get automated incident remediation with the central management of smart alerts, which enables you to proactively observe any anomalies

Tanzu Observability Catchpoint Integration mechanics

Catchpoint can capture performance metrics in real time through a webhook configuration; it pushes real-time performance metrics data to pre-configured webhook endpoints in JSON format. The Tanzu Observability by Wavefront team has built a Catchpoint collector service that converts these test data JSONs into the Wavefront metrics format, and directly ingests metrics to any Wavefront cluster.

Tanzu Observability with Wavefront Catchpoint integration also provides out-of-the box dashboards for detailed monitoring of all major Catchpoint synthetics test types (i.e., web, DNS, ping, API, FTP, etc.) Once you enable the integration, it will show up on your integrations page.

Within Catchpoint integration, you’ll see the list of collected metrics.

Depending on the synthetics test you’ve got enabled, you’ll be able to navigate to the summary dashboards such as one for a web test, which showcases the list of passed and failed tests.

You’ll be able to get deep insight into the global performance of your web pages.

Your synthetic tests and respective dashboards will populate once you run a specific Catchpoint test.  

Tanzu Observability and Catchpoint Integration configuration

To configure the Tanzu Observability Integration with Catchpoint, take the following steps:

  1. Configure the test data webhook inside Catchpoint using the JSON data format.
  2. Configure the keys in the Tanzu Observability cluster (endpoint) as well as any secret keys.

3. Create products in Catchpoint.

4. Create tests (synthetics) under the products in Catchpoint.

  1. Enable the test data webhook in Catchpoint.

  1. Start sending the metrics to Tanzu Observability.

Now you can navigate to your out-of-the-box Tanzu Observability dashboards and get real-time visibility into your Catchpoint synthetics tests.   

In addition to the Wavefront Catchpoint integration, Tanzu Observability features more than 220 integrations with pre-packaged content for immediate insight into the performance of various building blocks of your application, of Kubernetes, and of your multicloud environment.

Explore it yourself — sign up now for a 30-day free trial.

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