Develop Cloud-Native Applications, Leave the Heavy Lifting of Monitoring to Wavefront for PKS

April 24, 2018 Stela Udovicic

Massive adoption of Kubernetes in the DevOps/developer community is no secret. And some of Wavefront’s customers such as Mixpanel as described in our container monitoring eBook, have been deploying and growing their containerized services, managed and orchestrated by Kubernetes for more than a year in production. By using Wavefront SaaS-based analytics to combine top-level application, low-level container resource metrics and Kubernetes clusters utilization, Mixpanel’s SRE team can maximize their application reliability and alleviate any resource bottlenecks. Further, since the release of Pivotal Container Service (PKS), we are seeing increasing interest in monitoring Kubernetes metrics by Wavefront.

Dream Team: Combine Wavefront and VMware Pivotal Container Service For All Your Kubernetes Needs

Wavefront delivers visibility for Kubernetes deployed by PKS and including a free 30-day trial of Wavefront. For those who are new to PKS, it is a production-grade Kubernetes container solution equipped with NSX-T for advanced networking, a private container registry, and full lifecycle management. PKS simplifies deployment and operations of Kubernetes clusters so you can run and manage containers at scale. Scaling cloud service is not easy and results in not only operational and management issues, but also visibility challenges such monitoring transient high-velocity metrics. The combination of PKS and Wavefront is a natural fit to address the resulting monitoring challenges. As a SaaS-based analytics solution, Wavefront lets you leave management, operations, reliability, and visibility to us, so you can focus on developing cloud services.

Combining the power of Wavefront’s SaaS-based metrics-driven analytics insight with the reliability and scalability of an enterprise-grade Kubernetes that’s PKS, developer/DevOps teams can accelerate their digital cloud services delivery without worrying about monitoring issues.

Wavefront’s out-of-the-box packaged dashboards visualize Kubernetes performance metrics from PKS at any scale, including nodes, pods, cluster, down to individual container performance metrics, as well as critical events such as behavioral errors. The pre-built Wavefront dashboards for PKS display include:

  • Node metrics: Average memory, file system, CPU, and storage utilization
  • Namespace metrics: Memory usage by namespace, various counts (containers, pods)
  • Pod metrics: CPU usage rate, bytes transferred and received rate
  • Container metrics: Uptime by container, CPU, memory and file system usage, as well as memory faults

In addition to Kubernetes metrics, Wavefront supports a Google Cloud Integration (GCP) enabling developers/DevOps teams to get the complete view of their cloud service environment.

What About Custom Application Metrics?

In addition to PKS resource metrics, developers can instrument their code through open source libraries such as statsD or Dropwizard and easily get application performance (APM) metrics. With the power of Wavefront and reliability of PKS:

  • Developers are more productive and are empowered to experiment while knowing exactly what is happening with containerized services in production. They don’t need to focus on operational issues, but instead keep focused on their code.
  • SREs scale their services easier as both PKS and Wavefront support the explosive growth of both containers as well as metrics.
  • DevOps engineers can proactively troubleshoot detect any application performance anomalies no matter how often applications are updated.

Got it, Can I See the Demo?

In this video demonstration, learn more about collecting, visualizing and correlating metrics from Kubernetes and how using Wavefront can help DevOps teams run their infrastructures fully utilized while also help developers to focus on contributing to their digital business with full observability of their applications.

We hope you find the demo and blog useful. If you wish to try Wavefront, sign up for our free trial. For a combination of both solutions, contact our sales.

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