CEO’s Letter to Wavefront Customers, Users, Partners, and Friends

April 12, 2017 Wavefront HQ

To customers, users, partners and friends of Wavefront,

This morning, VMware announced its intention to acquire Wavefront. This is a big day for all of us associated with Wavefront. Our founders – Dev, Clement, Durren, and Sam – had a grand vision to build a unique approach to cloud application monitoring, driven by metrics and analytics, that enables digital businesses to accelerate their goals, moving applications faster and with more stability in the cloud. From that initial idea, we then did a great job in creating and bringing to market the world’s first and only commercial, enterprise-class Cloud Application Monitoring service.

Our vision remains the same – SaaS and digital enterprises face challenges of a new order of magnitude when monitoring modern applications at web scale in cloud environments, particularly those that rely on microservices in containers. To identify and fix operational and performance issues in these dynamic environments, developers need new instrumentation for their applications, and app-ops teams require sophisticated real-time analytics on their high-scale distributed systems to adapt to problems before they impact the business. Wavefront will allow VMware to leapfrog into application management of next-generation modern applications at scale. Following the closing, Wavefront customers will continue to get the same Wavefront service they depend on, but, when the deal closes, they will also experience new capabilities and offerings that VMware Cross-Cloud Service offerings bring, unparalleled in the industry. On all fronts, we expect the customer experience will improve, even with the bar already set so high.

As we embark on our next chapter, I want to recognize that our success would not have been possible without all the Wavefront people that worked relentlessly over the years to produce the offering that is Wavefront today, and as well, our customers for their early and ongoing investment in metrics monitoring and analytics for their new cloud application environments.

The future is brighter than ever and we’re looking forward to continuing our journey with you. This is only the beginning!

For further information, please see the blog post from VMware’s Ajay Singh, SVP-GM of its Cloud Management Business Unit (CMBU), as well as the blog post from VMware’s Shekar Ayyar, EVP Strategy and GM of its Telco Group.


Pete Cittadini
President and CEO, Wavefront

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