The Journey to Becoming Digital-First at DBS Bank

November 28, 2018

In a world where terms like “digital transformation” get tossed around like candy, the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) is the real deal. With the help of Pivotal, the 50-year-old institution began re-architecting around cloud-native principles in 2016, resulting in fundamental changes to how the bank does does everything from hire developers to run its business.

“We believe that consumer behavior is changing rapidly… moving into the digital world,” said Siew Choo Soh, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking and Big Data Analytics Technology at DBS. “And we believe that to be relevant, we need to continue to reimagine banking.”

One of the bank’s biggest efforts—and one that has helped it garner numerous awards over the past couple years—is its partner platform currently comprised of more than 200 APIs. The platform allows partners to serve DBS customers in new and innovative ways, while also providing a channel for DBS to learn more about what its customers, which span 18 markets across Asia, expect from the digital banking experience.

Soh, along with colleague Sarabjit Singh Bhatia—Executive Director and Head of Software Architecture at DBS—joined Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018 to talk more about their journey to becoming a digital-first bank. You can hear more about that and their experiences with Pivotal Cloud Foundry in the video above, as well as in this talk from SpringOne Platform, where Soh also explains how the company has scaled its hiring process via hackathons.

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