Tanzu Talk: The 3 Part Stack to Digital Transformation

September 14, 2022

A quick overview of the three key things to change to get better at software: changing how you do software to be more agile and product-driven, putting in place a platform and platform engineering, and addressing your legacy software. If you like this type of stuff, you should check out our conference, SpringOne, which will be Dec 6–8 in San Francisco. It covers everything from programming, operations/DevOps/SRE, security, and the meatware stuff for all of it, including case studies. Basically: all the stuff I talk about in this video! You can get $200 off registration with the code COTE200: https://springone.io

Coté practices an upcoming talk for an executive summit.


00:00 - The plan for today

00:50 - SpringOne conference. Get $200 of with code COTE200

04:30 - Start of presentation

23:45 - End of presentation, futzing around with slides

Containers 101 (Thai)
Containers 101 (Thai)

Speaker: Raksani Khunamas, Associate Solution Engineer, VMware

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