Accelerating the Developers' Road to the Cloud at Enterprise Scale

October 9, 2019

Fidelity Investments has become a software-enabled business, delivering faster value to our end customers. The driving goal of our work has been to enable our DevOps teams to focus on delivering value and not on tasks below the value line. We’ve adopted a cloud tech stack that includes Spring Framework, Pivotal Platform, and Concourse automation to create an optimized but flexible app delivery lifecycle with a standardized operational model. During this session, we’ll share with you our journey to support over 10,000 engineers around the globe with our modern delivery approach. Hear about our challenges in creating a seamless, end-to-end developer experience accelerating velocity and overcoming our scale, while providing integrated, real-time governance and operations capabilities across the application lifecycle. Get insights into how we approached transforming our technology stacks, culture, and practices to enable our teams to accelerate their delivery to multi CSPs. Speakers: Nick Penston, Director of Engineering, Fidelity Investments and Gerard McMahon, VP Architecture, Fidelity Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2019 Slides:

Josh Long at SpringOne Platform 2019
Josh Long at SpringOne Platform 2019

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