The Sky’s The Limit For Merrill Corporation

November 19, 2018

How does the most important company for secure-content sharing, digitally transform?

Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer at Merrill Corporation sat down with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage to detail their three-years-and-counting digital transformation journey and the accomplishments they’ve made along the way.

For example, since adopting Pivotal Cloud Foundry, they’ve seen double-digit revenue growth year-to-year, and in this year alone, they’ll do over 10,000 of the world’s largest M&A transactions. This means that they are the driving force for billions of dollars changing hands—all through the service of their platform.

And it’s just the beginning for Merrill.

In the near future, they hope to continue to grow, increase their innovation momentum, and meet more customer needs.

“The sky's the limit,” said Fredell, “and now we have that platform upon which we know we can innovate at a rapid cadence and meet those customer needs and deliver success.”

Watch the full interview above.

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