Analytics in the Cloud — Ian Andrews, Jeff Kelly, Lyndsay Wise

May 19, 2016

Learn how cloud analytics enhances your organization’s ability to get business value out of data. This session will help you to understand the significance of cloud analytics adoption and provide insights into the business and technical drivers of cloud analytic platforms. The information shared will help you make informed decisions and gain the buy-in needed to leverage analytics in the cloud Speakers: Ian Andrews, Vice President of Product Management, Pivotal Jeff Kelly, Technology Evangelist, Pivotal Lyndsay Wise, Research Director, Business Intelligence, EMA

Bloomberg 和 Pivotal: 数字化转型的技术合作伙伴
Bloomberg 和 Pivotal: 数字化转型的技术合作伙伴

James Watters and Justin Erenkrantz talk about how their two companies are working together.

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