Concourse in the Real World: A Case Study in CI/CD and DevOps - Greg Meyer & Bryan Kelly, Cerner

December 8, 2017

Ever heard of Concourse? If not, then let me be the first to introduce you to one of the newest CI/CD players. Concourse brings together both continuous integration and continuous delivery into one tool using declarative "pipelines." If you have had some exposure to Concourse, then you are probably familiar with example pipelines spread across various tutorials and open source projects. Many of these examples illustrate what a pipeline may look like in an environment where code can quickly go from development to production in a relatively short period time, possibly even minutes. Although this optimal sequence of events may work well in small and startup companies, it may not be well suited for organizations that are governed by development processes such as ISO 9001 or FDA regulations. How can Concourse be utilized to optimize the flow of applications and services through the development and deployment pipeline while meeting compliance of strict development processes? In addition to software development, Concourse can play just as critical of a role in DevOps. Pipelines can be utilized to streamline delivery of critical updates to infrastructure and system services. How can Concourse optimize DevOps in environments with strict change control processes? The presentation will explore a real world implementation of CD/CI and DevOps utilizing Concourse in an environment such as one described above. It will cover: A brief introduction to Concourse Describe the inherit advantages of incorporating both CD and CI into a streamlined process under one tool An in depth look at a real end to end pipeline in an ISO 9001 environment taking code from development to production Inherent synergies when writing Spring Boot applications Utilization of PCF pipelines to streamline DevOps processes for infrastructure and system service updates in a Pivotal Cloud Foundry implementation Slides: TBA Greg Meyer, Director, Principal Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Cerner Corp Bryan Kelly, Sr Software Architect, Cerner Corp Filmed at SpringOne Platform 2017

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